Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Antonio Cromartie's film study on Dee Milliner


When the New York Jets drafted Alabama cornerback Dee Milliner, veteran Antonio Cromartie acquired some of Milliner's college tape. The kind you watch.

"You always want to be up on the guys that you want bring in, especially a rookie," Cromartie told reporters Monday, via TheJetsBlog. "Being the veteran guy, I have to make sure I try to bring him on as much as I can."

Cromartie was pleased to see Milliner's press ability -- something he expected watching a Nick Saban defense -- as well as his success against the run and his ball skills. Most importantly, Cromartie was able to get a head start on some things he could help Milliner with once the youngster finally took the field with his teammates.

"It’s just a standpoint of understanding the defense, understanding where his help is coming from, understanding how to play different leverages, understanding how to watch film and things like that," Cromartie said. "When you come into things like that as a rookie, it helps out a lot. Once you (start) learning the game, then things start to slow down for you a lot faster."

Milliner faces the near-impossible task of replacing Darrelle Revis, as his getting drafted at No. 9 overall was a direct result of the Jets' trading Revis to the Tampa Bay Bucaneers for the No. 13 overall pick, which they used on defensive tackle Sheldon Richardson.

The Jets, however, just want Milliner to be himself.

"He’s his own man. Darrelle is his own man," Cromartie said. "So, the only thing he has to do is come in and be Dee Milliner, and that’s all we’re asking him to do. We’re not asking him to come in and be a Darrelle Revis. We’re asking him to come in and be Dee Milliner."

In fact, it's actually Cromartie who is Revis's replacement, as Cro will now start the season as the official No. 1 cornerback on the depth chart. Cromartie's play last year in Revis's injury absence is what made the Revis trade practical in the first place.

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