Tuesday, July 9, 2013

New book out about the Brothers Gronkowski


Rob Gronkowski is entertaining on and off the field. Chances are, his four brothers are, too.

Author Jeff Schober, who makes his home nearby Gronkowski's in the Buffalo area, released his newest book, "Growing Up Gronk," Tuesday. The book is about, well, growing up Gronk. (photo: WBUR, Flickr)

The All-World New England Patriots tight end Gronkowski is the son of Gordie, a former college football player, and the brother of two other pro football players (Dan and Chris), a pro baseball player (Gordie Jr.) and a college football player (Glenn).

Business First writer Matt Chandler recently spoke with Schober about the book:
"While the book has a certain focus on football, Schober said it is really about a unique family, one where the boys were driven to succeed, supported by their parents and were able to turn their considerable athletic prowess into collegiate and professional success. Readers may also be surprised to learn, that when it comes to the Gronkowski boys, the typical dumb jock stereotype doesn’t apply.
'I know people might expect that,' Schober told me. 'But the boys are all really smart, outgoing, intelligent guys.'"
According to Schober, it's a "quick read," and we have to assume there are some pretty good stories in the thing. Maybe a take home version of Summer of Gronk is in order.

Meanwhile, Gronkowski is reportedly making progress recovering from his half dozen surgeries, but he's yet to be considered a sure thing for the Patriots' Week 1 roster.

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