Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Texans slate Patriots as their 'Homecoming' game


In high school, teams typically schedule lesser opponents for their Homecoming games. The Houston Texans skipped that class.

According to the Texans' official website, Houston will have a different theme for each of its 2013 home games. When the New England Patriots come to town in December, it will be "Homecoming."

That'll boost morale.

When the teams met in the regular season last year, the Texans got all chummy with themselves and decided to wear really cool varsity jackets (pictured). Then, they lost, 42-14. (photo: Connor Barwin's Twitter account)

The Texans had a rematch with the Patriots in the second round of the playoffs, only to lose again, 41-28.

They'll get another shot when New England travels to Houston Week 13. Varsity jackets not mandatory.

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