Sunday, September 1, 2013

AFC East is NFL's youngest division


Maintaining a youthful roster is critical in setting up a team to contend long-term. If nothing else, the teams in the AFC East can say they've taken action in that department.'s Jimmy Kempski gathered age data on all 32 NFL squads Saturday after every team announced their final cuts to get down the required 53-man roster. He then ranked the teams from youngest to oldest.

All four AFC East teams were in the top-11. Meanwhile, the only division that had multiple teams that high was the NFC West with two.

The Buffalo Bills are the third-youngest team with an average age of 25.3. The New York Jets are seventh at 25.6, the Miami Dolphins ninth (25.7) and the New England Patriots 11th (25.88).

The St. Louis Rams boast the youngest roster with an average age of 24.98 and the Detriot Lions the oldest at 27.15.

Check out the full list here.

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