Monday, September 16, 2013

Brady: Problem isn't just receiver position


Tom Brady spent most of last Thursday night screaming at his young group of wide receivers. Monday, he's calmly assessing the team as a whole.

New England's inexperienced pass-catchers (or droppers) struggled against the New York Jets last week in a tight 13-10 win, and while Brady let them know about it, the veteran quarterback is taking some ownership of the situation.

"It’s not the receiver position. It’s every position, including the quarterback position," Brady told WEEI Monday, via The Boston Herald. "So it’s the quarterback position, the running backs, tight ends, receivers, we all have to be on the same page.

"And until we are, we’re going to struggle. I’m really glad we’ve won these last two games. I think our defense has done such a great job of limiting points and scoring opportunities for our team, getting us great field position. We just haven’t done much to take advantage of those things."

The Patriots' perennial juggernaut of an offense is ranked 25th in points and 22nd in yards through two weeks.

Brady can deflect blame from the receivers all he wants, but they are the issue. Brady's superiors opted not to pay Brady's top receiver the last six years in Wes Welker, instead replacing him with the injury-prone Danny Amendola, who, as we expected, is missing time to injury after just one game.

Brady's once-unbelievale tight end tandem of Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez has disappeared with Hernandez behind bars for murder and Gronkowski's never-ending arm injury still keeping him off the field.

Pair all that with the Patriots' top utility player in tailback Shane Vereen finding his way to the short-term injured reserve list, and Brady isn't left with much.

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