Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Geno Smith still believes in his receivers


The New York Jets' receivers dropped the ball Thursday night. A lot.

Clyde Gates let three passes go through his hands, including two would-be touchdowns. Bilal Powell was responsible for a drop of his own, and Stephen Hill fumbled away the ball after a big completion by Geno Smith.

Still, Smith contends he'll keep throwing to his pass-catchers with conviction. Not that he has a choice.

"I know those guys do a tremendous job after practice, getting on the jugs and doing things to make sure that they don’t drop those passes," Smith told the media Monday. "I know that’s part of the game. You have drops.

"I’m going to continue to go to those guys because I believe they can make those catches and I know they will."

Smith wasn't without blame in the Jets' Week 2 loss, as he threw three interceptions in the final quarter to shut down a comeback effort. Smith put all the blame, and then some, on himself after the game.

Now, he's looking forward to the Buffalo Bills.

"You’ve got move on from it," Smith said. "I watched tape, sometimes in bitterness. I’m kind of mad at myself for some of the plays that I know I can easily make, some of the decisions that I made that ultimately cost us the game.

"It’s a learning experience. You move on from it and get better next week."

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