Saturday, September 21, 2013

Philbin: Wallace practices like he plays


Mike Wallace kicked off his Miami Dolphins tenure in uninspiring fashion, catching just one pass and pouting after the game despite his team getting a big season-opening victory.

Wallace followed that up with a career weekend, amassing 115 yards and a touchdown as the Dolphins improved to 2-0. Then his attitude improved.

Dolphins coach Joe Philbin said earlier in the week that what Wallace does on the game field is consistent with his work in practice.

“I like the way he’s starting to practice," Philbin said. "I told him today in the bubble that I think he’s practicing better than he has and we have a strong feeling that there’s correlation between how you practice and how you perform in a game.

"I think there’s still room for improvement, as there is with any football player, I like the way he’s practicing and he’s a good guy in the locker room, so it’s been good. ”

We're not sure if that means that he practices better after a good game or that he has a good game after he does better in practice. Either way, the Dolphins need Week 2 Wallace, not Week 1 Wallace, to get to where they want to go.

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