Monday, September 9, 2013

Wallace doesn't 'get overly excited' about wins


Mike Wallace didn't want to talk to reporters after his Miami Dolphins won their season opener. After all, what was there to talk about? Wallace caught only one pass for 15 yards.

The $60 million wideout said Monday that he was mad at himself for a poor performance.

“I’m always happy to win but that’s what we play for, to win,” Wallace said, via The Palm Beach Post. “I expect to win. I don’t get overly excited when we win because every time we step on the field that’s what I’m there for. If you see us win or you see us lose I’m not going to be jumping around either way.”

Most players do jump around when they win. Because no matter what they did personally, they won. That's a big deal, especially with only sixteen promised opportunities a year to do so.

And most people with a $60 million contract in any line of work would be jumping around. But not Wallace. And his coaches are OK with that.

“Mike’s a competitor,” Dolphins offensive coordinator Mike Sherman said. “He wants to be a big part of the game as I would hope that he would. He came here to be a factor in our season and our success. The fact that he’s disappointed that he only caught one ball, that’s expected.”

So, if Wallace catches 13 passes for 180 yards and a pair of touchdowns but the Dolphins lose, would he be jumping around then? And if he were, would the coaches be OK with that?

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