Saturday, October 5, 2013

Rex: Covering the spread won't be good enough


After being force fed the media-created "circus" perception, many expected the New York Jets to be historically bad in 2013. After all, they're the only team ever to have personnel turnover and a rookie quarterback at the helm.

So with the Jets at 2-2 through the first quarter of the season, it's now assumed Gang Green is exceeding expectations. But Jets coach Rex Ryan has never been one to roll with the crowd.

"Certainly not in our building, that doesn’t exceed our expectations," Ryan said Friday of the team's start, via

So Ryan doesn't expect his Jets to roll over against the Atlanta Falcons Monday night despite the Falcons being favored by 9.5 points in most books. And just keeping it close won't be good enough.

"We just want to win, so if that proves we’re a contender or whatever, that’s our mission, that’s what we want," Ryan said. "Quite honestly guys, if we cover the point spread and don’t win, we don’t feel good about it. There might be others that do, but we don’t. So we’re in the win business and that’s all we focus on."

When talking expectations, the Falcons certainly aren't meeting theirs. Atlanta, coming off a loss to the New England Patriots last Monday, is off to a 1-3 start despite boasting an elite personnel group in the pass-and-catch department.

"We have about as tough a challenge as there is in the National Football League in this opponent’s back yard," Ryan said. "I think their record might be 1-3, but their record at home [35-4] since [Matt] Ryan took over at quarterback is more than impressive.

"So that’s where our focus is and what’s down the road or behind us isn’t important right now. Every bit of our focus is on our opponent."

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