Friday, October 11, 2013

Wake: Good or bad diet impacts inches on field


Some players have a desire for bad food because of habit. Cameron Wake has made a habit of not desiring bad food.

With the Miami Dolphins' news cycle dragging thanks to a bye,'s Andy Kent wrote a piece this week about players' eating habits, and Wake, the Dolphins' star pass rusher, emerged from the pack as the team's leader in the mess hall.

Wake, described as "ridiculous" by one teammate regarding his diet, has learned over time just how important what he puts into his body is in determining his on-field output.

“Even if it’s just an inch or a split second or a step or whatever it may be, it’s something," Wake said. "It’s hard to measure but there is some difference between if I had a bunch of crap all week and went out and play versus when I slept well and I ate right. It might just be that one inch, but that one inch in football is the difference between a first down, a sack, a completion, a batted ball or an interception."

Wake's journey to the NFL has been well-documented: undrafted in 2005, signed cut that summer, didn't play pro football until 2007, became a star in the CFL, made his way back to the NFL and established himself as an elite pass-rusher almost immediately.

With everything Wake has put into getting to where he is now, he's not about to let up in any aspect -- especially one he has the most control of.

"I feel like it’s worth it. Two cheeseburgers versus two salads for that inch on Sunday to me, it's worth it," he said. "Some guys, maybe they can get by but that inch to me, I will give up cheeseburgers. I can eat cheeseburgers for the next 50 years of my life if I want to, but for now I’m going to take that inch."

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