Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Garrard initially thought Richardson was a vet


Sometimes it takes a veteran to know a veteran. Sometimes, it doesn't.

New York Jets defensive tackle Sheldon Richardson has burst on the scene in 2013 as a midseason candidate for Rookie of the Year, immediately injecting himself into a prominent role on arguably the best defensive line in the NFL.

At least one new veteran Jet was a bit fooled by Richardson's appearance and presence early in spring activities.

According to Mark Cannizzaro of the NY Post, Jets backup quarterback David Garrard  “had to ask Sheldon what year he was in when I first got here."

Garrard was initially signed by the Jets in March but obviously wasn't quite aware of who the Jets' second of two 2013 first-round draft picks was. Garrard was re-signed by the Jets in October after leaving the team for half a year due to his recurring knee ailment.

In fairness to Garrard, the 6-foot-3, the near 300-poind Richardson has looked like anything but a rookie through nine games this season.

Richardson has established himself as an elite run-stuffer on a defensive front chock-full of them. The Mizzou grad has also made his presence felt in the pass rush, having tallied 13 quarterback hurries, three quarterback hits, three quarterback hurries and a batted pass, according to ProFootballFocus.

Meanwhile, Richardson said he takes Garrard's comments "as a compliment."

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