Sunday, November 17, 2013

Hackett's move from box to sideline pays off


For the first time all season, Buffalo Bills offensive coordinator Nathanial Hackett called the shots from the sideline. Whoever calls the shots should keep it that way.

Hackett spent the Bills' first 10 games up in the coaches' booth, but the first-year coordinator set up shop downstairs Sunday in his team's 37-14 blowout victory over the rival New York Jets.

"We made a decision during the week that we thought it would be better for the quarterback to have Nate down there," Bills coach Doug Marrone said after the game, via "With a young quarterback ... just to be down there it's a different sense.

"Those guys talk to each other all during the week, they talk to each other all during practice, [so] there's a little bit of separation when [Hackett] was [upstairs]."

Hackett certainly had a good feel for things from eye-level, as his quarterback, E.J. Manuel, connected on 20 of 28 passes for two touchdowns and no interceptions. The Bills converted eight of 19 third-down attempts.

Marrone said he'll keep Hackett by his side moving forward. Good call, Doug.

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