Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Tom Brady heats up when weather gets cold


When the going gets tough, Tom Brady gets going.

The New England Patriots quarterback added to his stellar resume in cold-weather situations with a dramatic come-from-behind victory over the Denver Broncos last Sunday night. Despite a rough start, Brady went on to throw for three touchdowns and 344 yards with the temperature and wind speed both in the 20s.

Brady now has a 24-5 record as a starter in games played in freezing temperatures, according to ESPN.com.

Monday, Patriots coach Bill Belichick broke down exactly what it is that makes Brady, who has compiled a 67.7 completion percentage in said games, so great in less-than-ideal conditions.

"No. 1, he’s mentally tough," Belichick said, via WEEI. "I don’t think he’s affected by the conditions from a mental standpoint.

"No. 2, he has big hands. He can grip the ball. His hands aren’t small. It doesn’t slide off. He can get around the ball, and No. 3, he throws a tight spiral. His ball is very tight, always has been. … Of course, the wind is going to affect any throw, but it doesn’t affect a tight spiral like it does the balls that aren’t tight."

If the Patriots keep their current pace, they'll be hosting at least one early-January game in Foxorough. If they make it all the way to the Super Bowl, they'll be slated for was should be a rigid outdoor environment in New York.

At that point, Brady's cold-weather acumen would certainly come in handy.

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