Thursday, January 23, 2014

AFC East Pro Bowl assignments, possible matchups


This week, the NFL held its first ever draft for its "unconferenced" Pro Bowl, which will be played this coming Sunday.

Former all-world players receiver Jerry Rice and cornerback Deion Sanders played the role of general manager for Ron Rivera and Chuck Pagano, who will serve as the each team's head coach, and selected their respective teams.

Here's where the AFC East participants landed (Note: Rosters don't include players who opted out of Pro Bowl):

Center Nick Mangold (Jets)
Defensive end Cameron Wake (Dolphins)
Defensive tackle Marcell Dareus (Bills)
Defensive tackle Kyle Williams (Bills)
Cornerback Antonio Cromartie (Jets)
Safety Jairus Byrd (Bills)
Kicker Stephen Gostkowski (Patriots)

Guard Logan Mankins (Patriots)
Center Mike Pouncey (Dolphins)
Defensive end Mario Williams (Bills)
Cornerback Brent Grimes (Dolphins)
Special-teamer Matthew Slater (Patriots)
Punter Brandon Fields (Dolphins)


Unfortunately, there aren't going to be any AFC East receiver vs. cornerback matchups, unless, of course, Team Rice gets gimmicky and puts Antonio Cromartie on the offensive perimiter for a play or two.

However, Dolphins center Mike Pouncy and Patriots guard Logan Mankins should see some action against Bills tackles Marcell Dareus and Kyle Williams. Mankins may also swing out and take on Dolphins defensive end Cameron Wake, so those two could see a little bit of one another, too.

On special teams, Matthew Slater will be out to block a kick by his teammate Stephen Gostkowski.

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