Wednesday, January 8, 2014

McCourty gets bonus info on Colts from brother


When Devin McCourty found out he would be facing the Indianapolis Colts this coming Saturday, the New England Patriots defensive back knew exactly who to turn to.

McCourty texted his identical twin brother, Jason, asking for some notes on the Colts' skill position players.

Jason, who was apparently happy to help, faces the Colts twice a year as a cornerback for the Tennessee Titans and had plenty to share.

"I think it’s big when you play someone twice a year, you understand more about them than I understand just from a personnel standpoint," Devin said Wednesday, via ". . . I have some good things in there and some things we already knew.

"It’s always good, I think he really studies a lot so I get some notes that he takes just from watching film to get his perspective on things."

While the brothers play in different systems themselves, Devin said the main takeaway from the information exchange is the opponents' tendencies. Not necessarily as a team, but to a man.

"What we really talk about a lot is the players: how he felt a player was, what he felt he did well when he watched film and we’re both in the secondary so we talk about the receivers, the tight ends, the back," McCourty said. "I think that’s a key part of it, just getting someone else’s idea of their personnel."

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