Sunday, January 26, 2014

Wallace: 'I should have had 15, 20 more touchdowns'


After the Miami Dolphins dropped $60 million for one of the league's top deep threats, Mike Wallace and quarterback Ryan Tannehill never seemed to get on the same page, especially when it came to the deep ball.

Wallace went on record stating the obvious on Sunday, telling The Miami Herald that he and his quarterback need to get together early and often this offseason to iron out their chemistry.

"We have to," he said. "Definitely have got to get the deep ball going. That’s the difference between winning and losing a couple games."

A couple of games would have made Miami a 2013 playoff team and helped it avert the current front office debacle. The Dolphins lost four games by less than a touchdown, which Wallace thinks he could have easily gotten more of with better throws, and then some.

"I should have had 15 or 20 more touchdowns, and that’s being modest," he boasted, after catching five this past season. "If you press me, you have no shot to cover me. Once I get you to stop your feet, it’s over.”

That may be an exaggeration, but he has a point. Wallace often had a step on his coverage without a safety in sight only to have an off-target pass come his way. Tannehill completed 6-of-36 passes of over 20 yards in the air to Wallace and connected for just one touchdown, according to Pro Football Focus.

Wallace plans to take a month off and return to South Florida in February, when he'll meet up with Tannehill and new Dolphins offensive coordinator Bill Lazor. Hopefully the trio can collaborate to produce more long touchdowns in 2014, even if not by a factor of four or five.

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