Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Incognito to Wells and Ross: Things got 'cray cray'


Richie Incognito just can't help himself.

The (former) Miami Dolphins lineman went ballistic on Twitter prior to the release of the Ted Wells harassment/bullying scandal report last week, only to give a statement after the release before ultimately deciding to leave the Twitter-verse.

Incognito, however, swiftly returned to social media Monday, apologizing for "acting like a big baby."

He wasn't done.

Early Tuesday, Incognito apologized to Jonathan Martin, the main "victim" of Incognito's harassing, according to the report. Hours after that, he gave a shoutout to Wells, himself, as well as Dolphins owner Stephen Ross.

"S**t got cray cray #MYBAD," Incognito wrote to them.

And we all died a little inside.

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