Sunday, February 9, 2014

Jackson ready when Manuel calls for offseason duty


Buffalo Bills rookie quarterback E.J. Manuel was unable to maintain anywhere near a normal workload last year.

While he entered the season as the starter, multiple knee injuries ultimately kept him out of six games and a chunk of the preseason, as well as many practices in between.

So the young signal-caller plans on rounding up the boys this offseason to fill in the blanks with some quarterback-receiver-tailback training sessions. The idea seems to be well-received among his teammates.

"I think it would be huge for us. I'm all in for it," Bills running back Fred Jackson said a week ago, via The Buffalo News. "I think it can definitely be a help for us."

It's not uncommon for quarterbacks and other skill position players to host camps with their teammates, all of which aren't team-endorsed. But it's a positive that Manuel is taking on more of a leadership role in his sophomore year, knowing that the Bills need to get much more out of him in 2014.

"Him missing as much time as he did last year, it hurt him," Jackson said. "So a way to kind of catch up with some of that is to do more stuff this offseason. I'm sure guys will be all in for that."

Members of NFL teams won't meet for official organized activities until sometime just before or after the draft, which will be held in early May.

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