Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Martin-Incognito's drug talk may get NFL's attention


The Richie Incognito-Jonathan Martin text message-gate has been well covered over the past 12 hours, and you can read the entire 1,000-plus-word exchange at The Big Lead.

So we'll spare you the in-depth breakdown and analysis. However, there were a couple notable nuggets that will certainly draw the attention of the NFL regardless of what comes out in Ted Wells' report.

This is one of them, allegedly exchanged on September 12, 2013 (Note: Last week, CBS Miami was first to report conversation of drugs between the two):
Incognito: ". . . Did you go to [Dolphins offensive lineman Mike] Pouncey's after? I'll kill u if u did"
Martin: "Lol hell no"
Martin: "No drugs for me rest of season"
Incognito: "Goooood That sh*t is ridiculous"
That exchange implies that Pouncey has engaged in drug use with teammates. And the fact that the particular part of the conversation was in September, and Martin uses "season," implies that it happens during the regular season.

Now, which drugs they're talking about is another story. It's widely believed that many, many players in the NFL use marijuana recreationally and to ease the physical discomfort that comes with colliding with 300-pound men on a regular basis.

There is also a mention of cocaine earlier in the exchange of texts, Martin says he was "ripped" at one point, and Incognito refers to Martin as a "stoner."

Let's be realistic. This kind of talk between teammates is likely quite regular among the entire NFL. The problem here is this particular conversation is now public, and the NFL wants to show it takes its drug use policies seriously despite the perception from some that it often turns the other cheek.

Incognito and Martin won't be back with the team, but the mention of Pouncey could drag other members of the team under the drug use umbrella. Who knows where it can go from there, if anywhere.

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