Wednesday, April 16, 2014

For Ty Law, accolades take a back seat to 'the journey'


Ty Law has five Pro Bowls trips, three Super Bowl rings and two All-Pro honors to his name. All that was good enough to make the former star cornerback a finalist for the New England Patriots' Hall of Fame this week.

Those accolades are nice, as were his 53 career interceptions and seven touchdowns. But it's more than just the milestones and numbers that made Law's career so fulfilling.

"It’s a great feeling but it’s all about the journey to this point right now," Law told reporters Wednesday on a conference call, via "I’ve had some great moments and some great games individually and from a team perspective but the journey along the way.

"I won’t exclude the tough training camps, the laughs and the camaraderie we had in the locker room. They were also some of my greatest moments. I can’t just put it on the field. The journey, at the end of the day, was most important to me. The moments, I relive the moments, not the moment.

"I can think back about a play, I can think back about an interception that was awesome but I wouldn’t trade the journey for any of the plays, the big plays that I may have made in any particular game."

Law played 15 season in the NFL -- 10 with the Patriots. Two (or, at least one and a half) of the other five were with the rival New York Jets. Law is confident Patriots fans have forgiven him for those short stints in enemy digs.

"I think Patriots fans prove that by voting for me by me being on the list of finalists and the reception that they give me each and every day in the New England area by supporting my business," he said. "They’re forgiving and never bringing that negative energy out on me.

"It’s awesome. They remember the good times at the Patriots and I appreciate that."

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