Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Idzik getting full slate of draft prep with Jets this year


John Idzik took over the New York Jets' general manager gig following the 2012 NFL regular season and well after that year's collegiate campaign had wrapped up.

So last spring, he had no choice but to inherit the Jets' in-place draft system -- both procedure- and personnel-wise -- in preparation for his first draft as Gang Green's offseason frontman.

This time around, things are a little more comfortable for Idzik.

"Last year I didn't get into the benefit of scouting the college season with the Jets staff," Idzik said Wednesday, via "I came in in January and got the tail end, the bowl games, the combine. There was a little bit of a hybrid — you don't come in and create a system on the fly.

"This year we set the table back in May of last year. We brought some new scouts in and we went through the entire cycle together. There's definitely a higher comfort level this year."

Idzik and the squad's transitional lead-up to last year's draft included making technological and room space changes, with the help of the organization's IT and facility operations staffs.

"We basically opened the draft room up, made it larger," he said. "We wanted it to be more inclusive, to fit more people in there without sitting on top of each other. We changed the configuration and added a lot more technology, with the general direction to try to get more efficient."

Regardless of the draft day setup next weekend, Idzik has plenty to work with from a capital standpoint, as New York has 12 picks to work with.

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