Monday, April 21, 2014

Rex hasn't made any promises to new tailback Johnson


Chris Johnson is guaranteed an opportunity. The carries, he'll have to earn.

"Nothing was ever promised, you know, that you’re going to get X amount of carries and all that kind of stuff," New York Jets coach Rex Ryan said Monday of his team's latest acquisition, via the NY Post.

". . . We’re going to have to compete for roles. No role has definitely been determined for really almost anybody on this football team."

The 28-year-old Johnson, at one time one of the most explosive offensive players in the NFL, joins a now pretty deep squad of tailbacks anchored by power back Chris Ivory, who looks to be a nice complement to the more elusive, outside-the-tackles Johnson.

Johnson, however, will also have to battle with Bilal Powell for carries. Powell, a do-it-all fourth-year running back, has improved every year of his career while picking up some solid acumen in the pass-blocking department, to boot.

"When you look at our stable of backs, it’s pretty good," Ryan said, comparing it to the Thomas Jones-Shonn Greene-Leon Washington tandem he had in his first year with Gang Green.

Meanwhile, Mike Goodson appears to be all but a goner, as he's still recovering from the knee injury he sustained last season.

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