Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Spikes calls Pats tenure '4 years a slave,' predicts sweep


New Buffalo Bills linebacker Brandon Spikes isn't a fan of the team he spent the last near-half decade with. Apparently, the conditions were less than ideal.

"4 years a slave," Spikes tweeted Wednesday, referring to his tenure with the New England Patriots, just after predicting a Bills sweep of their divisional foe.

"[It's] icing on my cake to hand the #Patriots two big L's this year #justwatch," he wrote.

So, from Spikes' perspective, making millions of dollars playing football is slavery. Then again, maybe it was the suspensions and fines, or his apparent lukewarm relationship with Bill Belichick.

Either way, he's moved on from that time in his life. And in the meantime, he's "blocking every single MassHole" on Twitter.

That should give him plenty of time to practice on beating the Patriots, a team the Bills have bested just twice in the last 27 games and once in the last 21.

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