Friday, July 25, 2014

Belichick says Mayo has Bruschi-type leadership traits


The New England Patriots have a slew of recognizable names on their roster that can be classified as a team leader, from Tom Brady to Vince Wilfork.

You can add veteran linebacker Jerod Mayo to that list.

Coach Bill Belichick addressed the media prior to the team’s second training camp session Friday and was asked about the type of presence the seven-year vet brings to the table. He didn’t hold back, comparing the linebacker to some of the team’s all-time greats at the position.

“I would say more Bruschi [than Mike Vrabel], but different,” he said, via the Boston Globe. “Tedy had a different personality, but a lot of the same characteristics.

“I would say he’s really the guy that the team probably revolves around more than any other player. Not that there aren’t other players that are instrumental in that. But I think that he really touches pretty much everybody … As respected as any player in the locker room. One of the best overall team leaders, players, kind of glue chemistry guy."

Mayo’s leadership, particularly within the linebacking unit, will be key this season, as he replaces the departed Brandon Spikes in the middle of the field. He’ll likely be bookended by youngsters Dont’a Hightower and Jaime Collins, with veteran James Anderson added into the mix, as well.

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