Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Bills' Gilmore glad to be back to his physical self


The Buffalo Bills drafted Stephon Gilmore not only for his speed, but for the physical prowess he likes to impose on opposing wideouts.

After some ailment-induced downtime, that physicality is apparently back.

Coming off a sophomore campaign where he lost part of the season to rehabbing a hand injury and subsequently played a few games with a club-like cast, the third-year cornerback entered training camp this season fully healthy. That’s allowed the former Gamecock to get back to what he loves doing most — disrupting passing routes any way he can.

“It felt good, man,” Gilmore said this week, via buffalobills.com. “That’s the name of the game... putting the pads on and hitting. It feels good to get out there and put your hands on receivers and play physical. It’s what I like to do."

Gilmore understandably had a hard time defending with the club on his hand during his first few games back last year, but he made a bit of a rebound once the wrap came off. He wasn't his usual self, but he did learn to appreciate what he has a little more than before.

“I’ve never struggled like that before when I had that surgery on my hand so it helped me out a lot," Gilmore said. "It humbled me and I feel good now so I’m ready to go help this team win.”

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