Sunday, July 20, 2014

Jets focused on Patriots? 'Bull----,' says Rex Ryan


Apparently, Rex Ryan gets asked about whether his New York Jets spend their season-preparation time thinking about the New England Patriots.

Apparently, that doesn't quite sit well with the sixth-year head coach.

“Somebody asked me if we focus on New England. Bullsh–,” Ryan recently told The New York Post. “We’re focused on us. We’re focused on us and how are we going to be better. I have to be honest, I don’t worry about them. They need to worry about us. I think that’s really where we’re at now.”

Through his first two seasons at the helm, Ryan was 3-2 against the Patriots--a record that included a big-time playoff victory in Foxborough. Gang Green, however, went on to lose the next six head-to-head matchups in a row before finally breaking the streak with a win last October.

The Jets haven't made the playoffs since 2010, but that isn't stopping the coach from lately polishing off the brashness that first endeared him to the Jets faithful half a dozen years ago. In fact, Ryan is the only one of 11 coaches hired in 2009 to still have the same job.

Ryan attributes his long stay, despite the struggles, to the fact that he's "the real deal."

“I think that’s a reason I’m still here. I’m not a phony," Ryan said. "Have I made mistakes? I’ve made a million mistakes. But I don’t know how many more guys will be more dedicated to their team and their belief and their organization than I am.”

Ryan will get his first crack at the Patriots--a team he's apparently not thinking about right now--in October for a Week 7 Thursday night bout.

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