Monday, July 21, 2014

Williams: Chemistry with E.J. a ‘one-day’ process


With changes abound throughout the Buffalo Bills' offense, one of the major concerns of fans and coaches alike is the time it will take for quarterback E.J. Manuel to meld with his supporting cast.

With an abbreviated rookie year, a new quarterback coach and some additions in both the running and passing game, training camp will be a crucial time for everyone to get on the same page in order to remedy the offensive inefficiencies from a season ago.

Ask veteran wide receiver and newcomer Mike Williams about the process though, and he believes his work with Manuel should be shored up by midweek.

"One day. That’s all it takes, one day,” Williams told reporters Sunday during the team’s first day of training camp, via “You get a few looks at press coverage, some looks at off coverage and that’s all it takes."

The team is already tasked with getting rookie Sammy Watkins, which it hopes will be the future of the outside air attack, in tune, as well solidifying the slot receiver role. It’s that work where Williams sees some difficulties, as he’s sometimes pulled in to help offer guidance while still learning the system himself.

"It’s kind of hard because there are a lot of guys asking for advice, but at the same time I’m trying to learn what’s going on and learn the offense, learn the plays and ask them questions because they’ve been here, so it’s a weird balance," Williams said. "I just need to get caught up and master the playbook to a level where I can teach it."

Williams and the rest of the Bills squad are back in action at training camp starting at 2 p.m. Monday.

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