Wednesday, July 16, 2014

NFL Sunday Ticket expanding its audience, sort of


Following a month where the entire world watched live World Cup action on pretty much every electronic device capable of carrying such video, it seems like DirecTV finally got the hint.

The satellite television provider will offer its exclusive NFL programming, Sunday Ticket, to mobile and gaming devices this season. According to the company's website, the service will be available on everything from laptops to cell phones, tablets to Playstations.

Don't expect the prices to be any better, though.

Packages start at $199 for the season, which covers service to computers, tablets and mobile devices. To watch games through your gaming console, it'll cost you $239, and that doesn't allow any access through the aforementioned options. The whole kitten caboodle, aka the "max" package that allows access through all devices, will set you back $329.

Also, don't expect to instantly be able to eligible to sign up. According to the site's disclaimer, the service is "only available in limited areas to non-DIRECTV customers located in eligible ZIP codes/select properties." Basically, if you live in an area that doesn't allow for/doesn't get satellite service, you're in luck. Otherwise, you'll have to get a satellite installed like everyone else.

DirecTV also offers a student discount for their lowest-tier service, though only for students "enrolled in eligible universities."

One notable omission from the complete compatibility list, which can be found on their website, is the Wii U, though Xbox, Android-supported devices and the body of i-devices are good to go.

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