Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Ouch! Jets' Dee Milliner gets Mike Westhoff'd


Dee Milliner recently did that whole New York Jets "best" thing that's been plaguing the headlines of late.

The second-year cornerback, who struggled for most of his rookie season despite a strong finish, told the NY Daily News last weekend that he felt he was the best cornerback in the NFL.

After watching Milliner and the rest of Gang Green's cornerback unit in practice this week, however, former Jets special teams coach Mike Westhoff pitched in with his take. Spoiler alert: it was a zinger.

"Man, I’m not sure he's the best cornerback up here in Cortland," Westhoff told ESPN radio Wednesday, via "And I might include the university."

Westhoff continued.

"... I saw him get blocked today. The only thing that impressed me today with the offense—because the defense dominated—[was the] perimeter running game in the team run period of the offense. They really did a good job of getting outside. And a lot of that [was because] the wide receivers blocked those DBs all over the lot.

"I was not very impressed with that. I believe they can solve those issues, though, with a pass rush. Right now I see the Achillies heel as the cornerbacks. … Teams will come in, spread the Jets out, and try to throw the ball all over the lot. How will the Jets remedy that?"

Milliner snagged three interceptions in the final two games of 2013 en route to a defensive rookie of the month honor. With Antonio Cromartie a goner and incoming veteran Dimitri Patterson in prove-it mode coming off an injury, Milliner will be depended on to make a big step as a sophomore.

Then, hopefully Westhoff will put him ahead of the D-III guys up in Cortland.

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