Wednesday, July 9, 2014

‘Real talent’ at corner has Schwartz amped in run ‘D’


The Buffalo Bills may have acquired middle linebacker Brandon Spikes as a stop-gap for their porous run defense a season ago, but the team’s defensive coordinator is looking to the edges of his squad, namely his corners, as to whether the team can turn things around. 

Keeping opposing running backs from bouncing outside as a Plan B option is a key factor in stopping any rushing attack, a job that requires strength and speed to win battles against blocking receivers and tight ends.

Coach Jim Schwartz thinks his corner crew is more than up for the challenge, affirming that his returning starters, plus the addition of a talented veteran, makes for a well-rounded talent pool.

“With Gilmore and Leodis and also Corey Graham and Brooks has had an outstanding run in OTAs,” Schwartz said, via “We have some real talent at corner, guys that can win one-on-one on the outside part of the field. I think if you look across any run defense that’s a common ingredient and I’m excited for those guys.”

Their talent also allows the team to do more at safety, according to Schwartz. By not having to play two safeties deep to protect a weak coverage zone, the defense can then drop an extra body in the box, which give the Spikes and the linebackers a bit of a break on and allows for a more focused attack up the middle.

Check out more comments from Schwartz, including his thoughts about the identity of the defense, here.

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