Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Wallace working with Tannehill four days a week


The Miami Dolphins brought in high-priced wide receiver Mike Wallace last year to stretch the field.

He stretched it, but often times, the ball wasn't in his hands when doing so.

The veteran speedster Wallace struggled to connect with then-second-year quarterback Ryan Tannehill down the field, so the two have apparently been working diligently throughout the first half of 2014 to shake that habit.

“Myself and Ryan Tannehill have been working together about four days per week during the offseason, just trying to connect and get on the same page," Wallace recently told Sky Sports' Neil Reynolds. "We’ve been doing really well, connecting on some of those deep balls and things are on the up for us.”

Wallace sang a similar tune during OTAs, telling the media that the two have worked out the kinks on the deep ball despite their reported struggles in that category when the media was present for practice.

Only time will tell, but Wallace undoubtedly needs to improve on his 930 yards and five touchdown total of a season ago--which amounted to a career-low 12.7 yards a catch.

Tannehill has work to do, as well, as he was the second-least accurate quarterback in the league on deep throws last year, according to ProFootballFocus. He was accurate on less than 33 percent of his throws of 20 yards or more, completing just 25 percent of them.

At least according to Wallace, the Dolphins signal-caller/wideout duo are determined to avoid a repeat performance.

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