Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Bills' Manuel strives for more urgency, awareness


At 2-1 and coming off their first loss of the season, the Buffalo Bills are far from panic mode in the big picture.

On the field in crunch time, however Bills quarterback EJ Manuel thinks his team needs to turn up the urgency, particularly late in the game.

“Our sense of urgency has to pick up, especially in the whole fourth quarter,” Manuel said Wednesday, via “I don’t think any of us were satisfied with it as a team or as an offense. I don’t think our urgency was where it needs to be."

Manuel also pointed to his intentional grounding late in the fourth quarter that resulted in a safety as another learning point. The two points put the Chargers up by 12 and gave them the ball back, ultimately sealing the deal.

"Understanding that we’re still down two scores before the safety. ... I have to have my awareness at 100-percent, you can’t step back into the end zone and try to throw the ball away," he said.

"Those are the things I try to learn from. The biggest thing was just that sense of urgency—getting guys on the ball, whether we’re doing a vertical route –bringing them back and getting another play called right away.”

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