Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Gronk will continue to see more and more work


New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski saw 42 snaps against the Oakland Raiders, the most so far in this short season.

According to Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels, there's more where that came from. The team, however, is still being a bit cautious.

"I think that any time you are talking about a player who is coming off a situation like Gronk was, you have to be smart and you do what you can do," McDaniels said, via ESPN Boston. "I’m happy with the things that he has done so far, and we will continue to add more as we go through the year."

Gronk has snagged 11 passes for 116 yards and two touchdowns through three games. The Patriots could certainly stand to use the oft-injured pass-catcher in a bigger way, though they're not looking to rush things.

“Like I said, you are mindful of anybody who has missed -- whether it is a specific portion of camp or whatever it is -- how you integrate those players back in," McDaniels said. "And hopefully that is what we are doing and try to get him to do that each week.”


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