Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Philbin: Plenty of questions surround Jordan's return


Miami Dolphins defensive lineman Dion Jordan is eligible to return to action this Sunday against the Jacksonville Jaguars. That doesn't necessarily mean he'll be on the field, though.

The team technically has until Monday to decide on Jordan's roster status now that he's completed his second suspension of the season, the most recent for substance abuse issues. Moreover, coach Joe Philbin and the coaching staff have to decide whether they think Jordan is prepared -- in all aspects of the game -- to return this weekend.

"We’ll look at everything (including special teams)," Philbin said via Alain Poupart of the Dolphins' website Tuesday. We’re going to look at every single thing and dress the guys that we think are going to give us the best chance. Everything counts. Everything matters.

"Obviously, there’s a physical component of it and then the mental. Is he up to speed enough on the game plans? Does he understand his role well enough? Are we comfortable with him on the repetitions we’ve been able to give him in a short period of time that he can go out and play with confidence and execute the job that he has to do? There’s certainly a physical aspect, but then there’s that mental part, too."

Jordan hasn't played a regular season snap all year, and he hadn't seen any practice time with the team, until Tuesday, in nearly two months. 

He reportedly looked sharp his first day back to work, and the sophomore pass rusher is hoping to start up right where he left off, while taking some of the weight of his absence off his teammates' shoulders in the process.

"I understand when I was here they had a role for me, they found a role for me and I feel the same way now," Jordan said Tuesday. "My abilities haven’t changed, so I’m going to go out here and continue to do the best and actually I’m going to help these guys out, make it a lot easier for these guys, so Cam and OV (Olivier Vernon) don’t have to take as many reps as they’ve been taking in the last few weeks."

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