Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Twitter analytics break down NFL fandom across US


Over the summer, we provided you some data, via, of the most Googled sports teams in each state, with some surprising results.

Now, we're sure a bunch of you out there at the time were saying things like, "Well, not in my town," when teams like the Eagles popped up as the most popular in New Jersey, or when the Bruins topped the Patriots in Massachusetts.

Well now you can see for yourself, right down the county line.

With the Twitter release (here via Mashable) of data depicting NFL fan loyalties based on their site traffic, analysts were able to create an interactive map of the United States showing exactly where -- down to the county -- specific fans for each team are located throughout the country. Hover over a county and you'll see the top three most tweeted teams from that area, along with the percentage.

Did you know that the New York Jets were the most popular team in Pickens County, Ala.? How about that the Pats are the second -- albeit a far second -- behind the Seattle Seahawks in popularity in Wrangell-Petersburg County, Alaska?

The tool also lets you compare teams, as well as easily find your county via a search bar with auto-fill capabilities.

Take a minute and check it out; it's a fun and surprisingly addictive breakdown of otherwise boring material. Just don't get too paranoid when you realize how close you may be sleeping to the enemy.

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