Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Bills offering hourly wages, tickets for help with snow


The last time the Buffalo Bills played the New York Jets, they forced six turnovers en route to a 20-point victory, a tough performance to top.

Even tougher, however, will be clearing the 200,000-ton obstacle currently blanketing Ralph Wilson Stadium and standing between them and their rematch on Sunday.

While the team prepares to dig out of the worst snowstorm in its history, it has once again reached out to the Bills faithful for help. In return for aiding in efforts to get the Ralph in game shape, the team is offering hourly pay and tickets to Sunday's game.

According to, the team is willing to give $10 an hour and a ticket to any volunteers that can show up and help shovel out the stadium. That is, after the travel ban has been lifted, which is currently in effect for the Orchard Park area as well as more than a dozen other areas in the region.

The cleanup will be a non-stop effort, according to the team's VP of Operations, with hopes that 36 straight hours of work will yield a safe, playable environment and avoid any potential postponements.

"It’s going to be a huge team effort to get this done," Andy Major told the team's website. "We’re just going to have to go 24/7, triple shifts, to push forward and make sure we have this place ready for Sunday. We can’t have too many people helping, so there’s no cutoff. We will definitely not be turning anybody away who wants to help shovel snow."

The travel ban has also forced the cancellation of midweek practices and kept players away from the facility, and it is unclear just when preparations could resume.

"We’re not going to put any of our players, coaches, support staff, anyone in any type of jeopardy," coach Doug Marrone said via the Buffalo News Wednesday. "We’re monitoring that, and waiting for the word for when we can start to operate when we normally would."

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