Monday, December 15, 2014

Jets cornerback would like his stolen playbook back


The New York Jets escaped their road AFC matchup with the Tennessee Titans Sunday with a win, but did you really think they wouldn't find a way to lose something along the way?

Jets' reserve cornerback Josh Thomas apparently had his luggage, which include some rather important goods, stolen later that evening.

"Please return all of the stolen articles," Thomas tweeted Monday. "At least return my passport [and] playbook."

According to Daryll Slater of, the team assured the theft occurred in New Jersey, not back in Tennessee. The Jets also wiped the iPad--which contained the playbook--clean.

Maybe the most important part of the story, however, was Slater's nice zinger:
"Of course, given the way the Jets have played this season, the iPad itself is far more valuable than the Xs and Os information that was on it."
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