Saturday, December 6, 2014

Rex 'completely happy with staff,' just not the results


After a week of anonymous members of the New York Jets organization (imagine that) spilling their beans to different media outlets, Jets coach Rex Ryan responded Friday.

The reports ranged from rumors that Rex Ryan sought out to fire offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg multiple times this season (SB Nation) to more practical accounts that there has been "tension" between the two (NY Post).

Ryan denied all of it.

"It angers me that it’s not an accurate portrayal of our situation," he said, via "I’m tight with every single coach here. I believe in every single coach that I have, and that’s the truth. Our strength coach? Best in the league.

"I’m completely happy with our staff. I’m not happy with our results. Nobody is. So what you do, you challenge each other a little bit: ‘Hey, how do we get better? Are we looking at things?’ But not once, not once have I thought about replacing any coach."

Mornhinweg also chimed in.

"Rex and I are close," he said. "Everything we do is about getting better and figuring out a way to win football games."

The Jets, however, didn't appear out to win Monday night thanks to their ridiculously conservative game plan and obvious complete lack of trust in quarterback Geno Smith. One player told Metro New York's Kristian Dyer that the team has "packed it in" with Smith at quarterback.

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