Saturday, January 10, 2015

Leonhard recalls Revis' stringent practice habits


Darrelle Revis is a perfectionist, which has helped prop the New England Patriots cornerback up among the NFL's elite defenders throughout the past half-decade.

Safety Jim Leonhard has seen Revis' work habits first hand when the two guarded the New York Jets' defensive backfield together a few years ago, and he elaborated on some of those memories in recently talking to ESPN Boston's Jackie MacMullan.

Revis relies on offensive opponents in practice to give him the best look possible for what he was to expect in a given NFL week. And, at least with the Jets, if that receiver didn't give Revis the right look, there was hell to pay, according to Leonhard.
"When I was with the Jets, we'd have a big game coming up and the [national] broadcasters were watching our practice on Fridays," Leonhard said, via ESPN Boston. "We'd run a play and if Darrelle didn't feel like the receiver gave him the look a certain way that he wanted it, he'd be in that receiver's face. He would demand he got it right, and if he didn't, they'd come to blows sometimes.
"It was critical in his mind to get it right during the week so when we got out there in a game he wasn't seeing a route for the first time live."
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