Saturday, February 14, 2015

AFC East teams middle of pack in 'strength of schedule'

The potential of NFL teams changes drastically year-by-year (well, except for the Oakland Raiders). But the "official" "strength of schedule," with an emphasis on the quotations, is determined by the cumulative record of a given team's upcoming opponents' prior season. Tried not to be wordy there.

So in that regard, here's where the AFC East ranks for the upcoming season, per

1. Pittsburgh Steelers: 147-107-2, .579
17. Miami Dolphins: 126-130, .492
18. New York Jets: 125-131, .488
19. Buffalo Bills: 124-131-1, .486
22. New England Patriots: 122-134, .477
32. Atlanta Falcons: 104-150-2, .409


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