Thursday, February 12, 2015

Chandler Jones 'pretty sure' he can take UFC bro in fight

Chandler Jones is lookin' to pick a fight -- specifically one with the reigning UFC light heavyweight champ.

That's what the New England Patriots defensive end and current Super Bowl champ told TMZ Sports recently, saying he thought his 60-pound weight advantage and childhood experience should be enough to get him a W against older brother and professional fighter, Jon.

"Me and my brother used to fight all the time when we were young … and I’m pretty sure I can take him down now. I am way bigger than he is," Chandler said. 

The Pats lineman told TMZ Sports he'd set the bout up as a fundraiser for charity, similar to the sibling rivalry New England defensive back Devin McCourty has with his brother, Jason, during their Tackle Sickle Cell work.

Well, maybe a little bloodier.

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