Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Brady hires Jeffery Kessler to aid in upcoming appeal

Ray Rice. Adrian Peterson. BountyGate. Just a few notches in Jeffrey Kessler's belt -- at Roger Goodell's expense, no less.

Now, Kessler is aiming to add DeflateGate to his resume.

According to the Boston Herald, Tom Brady has hired Kessler to handle the eventual appeal of his four-game suspension handed down by the league Monday. Kessler has successfully represented a handful of cases against the NFL, including the players' lockout in 2011.

While Brady's agent, Don Yee, and Tom Wells have bickered back in forth since the announcement of the punishment, the veteran quarterback's actions Tuesday certainly speak louder than their words. The hiring seems to be a clear indication that he's prepared to fight the decision to the fullest, with the most successful counsel the league's ever seen on his side.

Brady needs to file his appeal by Thursday if he decides to go that route, and his hearing will take place within 10 days of his announcement.


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