Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Jennings: Rookie WR Parker full of upside, confidence

Greg Jennings has had a few catches in his career -- 552 to be exact -- and he's witnessed plenty of others. So he knows talent when he sees it.

With first-round selection DeVante Parker, he sees it.

Jennings was added to the Miami Dolphins wideout corps this offseason. He's the veteran of the group and, by default, the guy Parker, Kenny Stills and Jarvis Landry will be looking toward for guidance.

But so far it's been Jennings looking at Parker, and he shared some of his views on the rookie Wednesday with Brian Coyle of The Finsiders.

"As a receiver I always say this in the room, when a new receiver comes I think what every receiver does is watches the way he catches the ball," Jennings said. "If he catches the ball with confidence like he knows what he’s doing, we got something to work with, and that’s him."


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