Friday, July 17, 2015

Belichick: Dan Connolly 'a player I was proud to coach'

Ten-year veteran Dan Connolly, who spent most of his career with the New England Patriots, announced his retirement this week.

Friday, Patriots coach Bill Belichick released the following statement regarding the offensive lineman:
"Dan Connolly exemplified everything our program requires of players. He was tough and dependable, smart and team oriented and his work ethic ensured he improved on an annual basis to reach his potential. 
"From where his career began as a developmental player to where it finished as a team leader and champion, Dan Connolly was a player I was proud to coach."
Connolly, who played in New England for eight seasons, was a staple on the Patriots' offensive front, but despite his career work as a blocker, he didn't retire without at least one highlight reel play. Check it out here.

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