Wednesday, December 9, 2015

McCoy following team model to handle Philly reunion

Chip Kelly may not be able to "say s***" to LeSean McCoy, but that doesn't mean McCoy will be making a scene out his reunion with the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday.

With a plethora of off-season acquisitions that included coach Rex Ryan, the Buffalo Bills have dealt with their fair share of former-team matchups this season.

Now that it's McCoy's turn, he's planning on using what he's learned so far this year when his counterparts have gone through similar situations.

"I watched a lot of other people like Rex, he had to go back to the Jets," McCoy said via "I saw the way he handled it. (Charles) Clay and Richie (Incognito) how they kind of handled it (in Miami), so that’s really helped me out. 

"Knowing how I am I would’ve been going crazy, but seeing them go through it and me being the last person, I’ve got to be a professional."


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