Monday, December 28, 2015

Rex takes mild approach to upcoming bout with Jets

There's no question the regular season finale between the New York Jets and Buffalo Bills has extra meaning for Rex Ryan.

The Bills coach has a chance to spoil the playoff hopes of his former team--which would be a small consolation prize. Ryan, however, isn't building it up just yet.

While running back Boobie Dixon referred to the game as the Bills' "Super Bowl" Sunday, his coach was a little less direct about the game's importance Monday.

“I think first off, it’s about getting the win,” Ryan said, via ESPN. “We know we’re facing a team that’s red hot. ... This team is a complete football team. No surprise they have the record they have.

“But just to get a win, I don’t care if we’re playing East Carolina, you want to get a win, period. There’s no question about it. The spoiler role, I think is probably, maybe, I mean, who knows. But it’s to me, I think us just getting a win against a good football team would be great.”

It's not quite the bluster we expected from Ryan leading up to this one, but then again, it's early in the week. Plus, Ryan does have a tendency to reel it in late in the season when his team is out of contention.

At 7-8, Buffalo will miss the playoffs for the 16th straight year. The Jets, at 10-5, would earn a Wildcard berth with a win over the Bills.

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