Monday, January 25, 2016

Pats' offensive dysfunction 'a combination of things'

Bill Belichick has never really been one to call out an individual player or unit's poor play in a press conference.

Despite some puzzling miscues in New England's loss to the Broncos Sunday, that MO didn't change Monday in Belichick's meeting with the media.

That doesn't mean he didn't point any fingers, though.

"I thought Denver did a good job defensively," he said via "It's all interconnected between the receivers, the quarterback, the offensive line. The timing, execution, balance of the running game, long yardage situations. It’s all part of it.

"In the end, it wasn't as good as it needed to be yesterday, period. In any area. I wouldn't put it on one guy, or one situation, or one position, or anything like that. In the end we came up short."


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