Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Scarnecchia glad to be back after a 'tough decision'

Dante Scarnecchia needed a break. That break has come and gone.

The veteran New England Patriots offensive line coach returned to the team earlier this year, coming off a two-year retirement.

For the Patriots, it was no-brainer. For Scarnecchia, the decision took some thought. Via the Providence Journal:
"It is a tough decision because you become very used to a very nice lifestyle," Scarnecchia said. "We talked about it, my wife and I, and we decided this would be a good thing on a lot of different levels and as far as the grandkids being able to come to the games for free and just be a part of it all. And I like coaching football. I love coaching football. I didn't retire because I didn't like coaching football. I retired because I got tired of the lifestyle. Two years off, I'm OK."