Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Tunsil attorneys set sights on former adviser

Laremy Tunsil's camp apparently has a primary suspect in #BongGate.

Last Thursday night, someone supposedly hacked into the now Miami Dolphins offensive lineman's Twitter and Instagram accounts before and during the first round of the NFL draft. The former account posted a video of him taking a bong hit out of a gas mask, and the latter posted text message screenshots suggesting an exchange of money between Tunsil and members of Ole Miss' staff.

ESPN's Outside the Lines reported Tunsil's attorneys are investigating a man Tunsil previously hired as his business manager and financial adviser. Per ESPN:
Tunsil fired the business manager after other agents informed Tunsil that the man wasn't licensed or registered to work as a financial adviser but was a "runner," a term used to describe someone who gives money and other benefits to a player in order to entice the player to sign with an agent or financial adviser with whom the runner is working. 
The sources said the business manager gave Tunsil a new cell phone in mid-October. People close to Tunsil believe the man might have accessed Tunsil's social media accounts Thursday by logging into them through his old phone.