Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Tyrod Taylor feels 'more in charge' this year

Buffalo Bills quarterback Tyrod Taylor has come a long way in a year. This time in 2015, he was duking it out with two other signal-callers for the starting gig, which he earned in the preseason.

This year, he's in a much more comfortable spot, rolling through OTAs as the clear starter and preparing accordingly.

Per Vic Carucci of The Buffalo News:
You see it on the field during OTA practices. He's more vocal, literally taking over certain offensive periods whenever he feels a spark is needed. Taylor clearly is stretching his leadership legs. And he feels good about it. 
"Yes," Taylor said. "I would say that definitely comes with being in this system and being the starter for a year, learning all your teammates, learning the offense and being comfortable in the offense. I definitely feel more in charge, more of a command, being able to speak up. And guys listen because they know the preparation that I put in, the preparation we put in as a unit, and they see the vision of what we want to be.